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Mind the Shift Podcast: The Poverty Fix Nobody Talks About

The international cooperation community has stressed once more the importance of designing policies and implementing programs which can elevate the development potential of international mobility.

As the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) talks wrap up in Geneva, tune into our Research Director Lant Pritchett and Anders Bolling conversation where you can learn how LaMP aims to achieve this goal by building politically viable and financially sustainable solutions.


Migration is development – LaMP works to solve two global challenges

There is a persistent rhetoric around migration, which ignores the fact that the demand for labor is its main driver. The current mainstream narrative doesn’t fully recognize the development potential of labor mobility for migrants and sending and destination countries alike.

The opportunity for an ambitious global agenda here is clear, and LaMP wants to make it happen. We believe we can solve two major challenges in one fell swoop, all while reducing irregular migration, which fuels the migrant smuggling industry.

  • By 2050, half a billion of the projected working-age population of the world’s low-income countries are expected to have difficulty finding jobs at home. In the absence of sufficiently large mobility pathways, their demand for alternative and irregular journeys increases.
  • The latter number is roughly equivalent to the needs in high-income countries due to the irreversible ageing of their workforce. Many services cannot be done remotely and need skilled workers, from harvesting to elderly care.

What is more, labor mobility is by far the most impactful form of aid – more so than the world’s official and philanthropic development aid. Embracing it in a thoughtful, well-regulated way, building structures to allow demand to meet supply in an orderly manner and with clear conditions, is a very effective solution.

You can read more in this article by Anders Bolling for the Swedish magazine Fokus (behind paywall).

Lant Pritchett on Labor Mobility for Spanish newspaper El País

LaMP Research Director, Lant Pritchett, traveled to Madrid in October to collaborate with the Spanish government on a potential training and labor mobility pilot project involving joint efforts, with Colombia. During this visit Lant had an interview with the newspaper “El País” after taking part in a session of the Rome Dialogues on Employment and Migration organized by the World Bank. 

Lant highlighted the importance of demographic changes as an opportunity for countries to embrace safe and regular labor mobility. He emphasized that the way to change migration narratives in societies and encourage governments to develop more policies in favor labor mobility is the recognition that having the right to work in a territory does not automatically grant citizenship. He stressed the need, for acknowledging labor mobility as a rotational and win-win process. 

Moreover, Lantt emphasized the need to distinguish between migration pathways based on whether they lead to citizenship, they are intended for labor purposes, or they are designed to accommodate individuals out of necessity. 

Read more details of this interview here (in Spanish). 

The Future Perfect 50 by Vox: Lant Pritchett is advocating for immigration reform and thinking big about global development economics

The American news and opinion website Vox has selected LaMP’s Co-Founder and Research Director Lant Pritchett as a member of The 2023 Future Perfect 50 list.

Future Perfect focuses on ideas that can change the world, make it a better place, and seem utopian but are actually doable. Lant was selected for his migration-first approach to development and decision to found Labor Mobility Partnerships (LaMP) with Rebekah Smith.

You can read Lant and the other members’ Future Perfect profiles here.

Rome Dialogue III:The promise of Skills Partnerships for Effective Labor Mobility


In this high-level dialogue, the Spanish Minister of Migration, Inclusion, and Social Security Jose Luis Escriva and renowned economist and LaMP’s Research Director Lant Pritchett discussed the role of labor mobility in an era defined by twin demographic crises: rapid aging in high-income countries, and growing youth populations in low-income countries. Lant Pritchett overviewed the enormous economic potential of filling critical labor shortages in high-income countries with workers from low-income countries. Minister Escriva discussed how his government has found politically viable solutions to unlock labor mobility, and where they see potential to go further.

Launched by the Italian Center for International Development and the World Bank’s Rome Jobs and Labor Mobility Center, the Rome Dialogues on Jobs and Migration are a platform for open exchange on practical, evidence-based solutions which improve the job outcomes of cross-border labor mobility. This Rome Dialog was co-sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Migration, Inclusion, and Social Security.