Since 2021, LaMP has been implementing a project to strengthen responsible labor recruitment within the U.S. H-2A visa program for migrant agricultural workers. Our work, supported by the Walmart Foundation focuses on responsible practices in the earliest stages of H-2A recruitment, as the first step in a worker’s journey can have a cascading effect on their well-being throughout their migration and employment experience. A key aspect of this project is the development of a low-cost smartphone-based worker survey designed for easy deployment to an unlimited number of migrant workers.   

This anonymous survey provides visibility into recruitment experiences and can be deployed at scale. LaMP codesigned this tool in collaboration with CIERTO and two of the largest and most established industry actors and we aim to expand our collaboration to additional industry players.  

Please find a brief description of this initiative here and a comprehensive report on the methodology and survey results for 2023 here. 


For more information, contact:

Kim Geronimo