Well-regulated labor mobility that helps governments address impacts of ongoing demographic shifts

Governments in high-income countries face a historic demographic crisis, leaving them with too few workers to run their economies. People in these countries have already begun to feel the pain of these worker shortages, experiencing longer shipping times, lower quality service in restaurants, housing construction delays, and limited child and aged care support. This will only get worse as these societies continue to age, threatening pension and social welfare systems along the way. 

At the same time, governments in low-income countries are concerned with how to provide good jobs for their rapidly growing youth populations. Effective labor mobility can address all these issues. 

LaMP cooperates with sending and receiving governments around the world on implementation of scalable, long-term labor mobility programs. With our international expertise around best labor mobility practices gathered through working with a variety of actors, from employers and recruiters to workers, we develop pragmatic solutions that lead to the establishment of quality mobility systems in a variety of contexts and sectors.