Rights-respecting and well-regulated migration channels provide solutions for all

To provide win-win-win solutions to workers, businesses, and economies alike, we need more and improved legal channels to connect workers with living-wage jobs. LaMP advises and assists with designing new and strengthening existing migration programs to provide scalable, sustainable, rights-respecting and well-regulated mobility channels for workers from developing countries to seek job opportunities in trade and service sectors abroad. 

Traditional migration policies in high-income countries often exclude workers who could meet the critical labor needs faced by employers. This is because the current policies typically focus on higher skilled migrants and are less oriented on criteria that reflect all labor market needs, including those expected in the medium and long term. LaMP takes an occupational approach to creating and improving migration programs based on the needs of employing industries in high-income countries. We identify ways to meet those needs via well-regulated programs that protect workers, while ensuring orderly flows between the sending and destination countries. 

This process includes diagnosing challenges and opportunities in sectors facing critical labor shortages and designing and implementing pragmatic solutions to constraints within current policy frameworks. To achieve these outcomes, we build coalitions of actors representing employers, workers, governments, and the recruitment industry, informing and supporting these solutions.