This report offers a detailed analysis of the H-2A Worker Voice Survey, a project aimed at enhancing the recruitment process for migrant workers in the U.S. H-2A visa program. The survey engaged nearly 10,000 H-2A workers, over 32% of which participated, underscoring widespread worker interest in having their voices heard. 

Our findings highlight both successes and challenges within the program, emphasizing the importance of accurate contract information and the eliminating illegal recruitment fees. The survey leveraged WhatsApp for cost-effective and wide-reaching survey distribution, underscores the feasibility of large-scale worker engagement in the H-2A program. In addition to shedding light on current practices this report also sets the stage for future improvements, including the development of a smartphone application aimed at reducing reliance on intermediaries and fostering a more transparent recruitment ecosystem. 

We invite you to explore the full report to better understand the experiences of H-2A workers and gain actionable insights that can drive positive change in the recruitment process. 



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