Building economic opportunity through cost-effective responsible recruitment

Responsible recruitment practices can help labor mobility programs flourish, building support for more labor mobility. This, in turn, expands economic opportunities for workers to pursue rights-respecting and more profitable work, and provides businesses with access to a steady and reliable pool of highly reliable workers that will make it easier to increase productivity gains.  

Bad outcomes, such as  illegal and unfair recruitment that often force workers into severe debt and forced labor situations, are usually driven by perverse incentives built into the design of mobility systems, information asymmetries, and poorly constructed migration controls. The mobility industry is not inherently unethical but, rather, badly designed. 

Responsible recruitment is core to LaMP’s goal to catalyze the quantity and quality of global labor mobility. We tailor our approach to the realities of each corridor and sector where we work. In some cases, we support responsible recruitment by working with existing market players on cost-effective ways to adopt responsible practices. In other cases, we help seed a new industry of responsible actors or bolster the delivery capacity and market share of existing ones. In all cases, we seek solutions that acknowledge and help further the interests of everyone at the table – buyers, employers, recruiters and workers – so that responsible recruitment can be sustained over the long-run.