Our Unique Role

We work to address market failures and regulatory barriers that impede safe and effective labor mobility. We propose and deliver innovative and market-compatible solutions that create sustainable labor mobility systems worldwide.

LaMP is  distinctive in its “practice first” approach: rather than focus on designing perfect policies and assuming they will translate into practice, LaMP emphasizes solving problems on the ground to demonstrate good practices that pave the way for better policy.

In designing new innovative models to work in practice from the outset, we take a multi-stakeholder approach, developing pragmatic solutions that address the interests of all actors by bringing together an array of partners and supporters.

This approach results in locally relevant models that can be adapted and scaled globally, with an emphasis on financially sustainable solutions.

Our focus is on jobs in the trade and service sectors as these workers face the greatest barriers in current immigration systems, and present the greatest untapped opportunity to all; workers, employers and economies.

The Power of Movement

Labor mobility offers a solution for high-income countries facing rapidly aging populations and resulting labor shortages, and low-income countries with more workers than living wage jobs. Connecting these workers with employers abroad through reliable, rights-respecting, and financially sustainable labor mobility pathways is a win-win scenario for all. Ultimately, labor mobility offers untapped potential to build a more prosperous, equitable, and productive world.

Why labor mobility?

LaMP’s Purpose and Mission