Incubating innovative solutions to current barriers within labor mobility

Scaling labor mobility will require new solutions to old problems. Within current migration policies, we see the same challenges repeatedly appear across contexts: challenges of training for and recognizing the right skills, finding and vetting trusted partners, navigating bureaucratic administrative systems, and creating sustainable financing structures. 

Our existing tools have not managed to overcome these challenges, but advances in technology, innovative financing and policy re-thinking offer new scalable and sustainable solutions with potential to address issues in the future. The problem is investment – little to no one is investing time or money into developing these missing tools as governments don’t have the resources and commercial entities lack incentive to invest. 

That is where LaMP comes in – we design, test, and incubate new applications of technology, financing, and policy tools to barriers preventing workers from filling jobs abroad. Once the solutions are proven successful, we connect with investors and partners to scale their application across contexts, making migration systems work better for workers, businesses and governments.