The THAMM Plus project (Towards a Holistic Approach to Labor Migration Governance and Labor Mobility in North Africa) operates under the EU Talent Partnership Initiative to promote sustainable development and demand-driven labor migration between North Africa and Germany. This initiative is led by the German-state development agency GIZ. 

During its initial phase, THAMM focused on enhancing the employability of individuals interested in migration, raising awareness about labor migration procedures, and fostering stronger partnerships between partner countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt) and Germany. To institutionalize these processes effectively, the program recognizes the necessity of a sustainable financing model. 

LaMP has collaborated with the GIZ THAMM team since October 2023 to craft such a model for each country. The aim is to expand labor mobility and enhance private sector participation. Developing sustainable financing structures for transnational skills partnerships like THAMM represents a novel approach in development-oriented programming for labor migration. LaMP seeks to engage key stakeholders to create awareness and garner support for implementable solutions. 

Employing an impact-linked finance strategy, LaMP aims to bridge the gap between the public and private sectors to facilitate scaled labor migration. This approach leverages financial instruments to magnify the impact of public funds, driving more sustainable outcomes over the long term. 

Aligning stakeholders’ interests, understanding their constraints, and exploring innovative avenues to engage the private sector are central to integrating public and private financing. By harnessing public resources to catalyze the scaling process, both sectors can benefit from labor migration in innovative ways. 

The project is scheduled to continue until October 2024. 


For more information, contact:

Sophia Wolpers