No one actor alone can make progress on labor mobility. LaMP is building a coalition and community of practice of partners interested in working together to build labor mobility systems. Having a coalition will allow partners to learn from each other, to expand the realm of potential partnerships, and to collectively push back on the negative perceptions of labor mobility. Our coalition consists of all actors needed to make a labor mobility system function.

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Policymakers and government practitioners from receiving and sending countries are key to putting the legal frameworks in place that make labor mobility possible

Employers and representatives of key employment sectors are at the heart of labor mobility systems, as ultimately it is their need for workers that creates labor mobility opportunities

Mobility industry is all of the service providers who make mobility run smoothly – covering a broad range including employment services, visa application preparation, language training, remittance transfers, and many more. As labor mobility grows in scale, these services will be critically important in making mobility a positive experience for workers and employers 

Both creating the structures and frameworks enabling labor mobility and the process of labor mobility itself have associated costs, which in turn require financing. Financing arrangements for labor mobility have historically been limited, but we are working with partners to expand the options to include donors, social impact investors, private sector, and more.