Unlocking the value of Quality Recruitment in the H2A visa program and beyond

The H-2A seasonal workers program currently provides visas to a quarter million foreign-born workers each year to work on farms in the United States. When H-2A works well, the program can benefit the agricultural industry and U.S. consumers, and provide migrant workers and their communities with an often life-changing source of income. But when things go wrong, workers can be forced into debt to pay illegal recruitment fees and stuck in conditions different than those promised, while U.S. farms end up short on labor, leading to food waste, lost profits, and higher prices for consumers. We need the H-2A program to work well, so that workers are protected and employers can count on getting the labor they need.

LaMP is implementing a two-year program to build and professionalize a quality recruitment industry serving the H-2A program. Our goal is to make quality recruitment practices profitable. We work alongside leading H-2A recruitment agencies to strengthen their delivery capacity and value proposition to employers. We also work with stakeholders down the supply chain – including growers and retailers – to figure out how to support quality recruitment while maintaining a competitive advantage. Our aim is to build the foundation for a recruitment industry that responsibly serves all H-2A stakeholders and ensures a win-win-win for workers, employers, and consumers.

LaMP’s work on the H-2A recruitment industry is supported by the Walmart Foundation and the Western Union Foundation.

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