Generate evidence on the impact, change public perceptions

While labor mobility is a powerful force for good, the public narrative surrounding it is often negative, fueling anti-immigrant sentiments and preventing partners from reaching agreements that would make all actors better off. LaMP works to build evidence based on the benefits of labor mobility for workers, employers, and countries. Realizing that evidence alone is not enough, it also works with partners to build and spread positive narratives around the findings.

Through research, LaMP aims to:

  • Generate evidence on the impact of labor mobility for employers, workers, and countries
  • Change public perceptions and narratives around labor mobility by advocating based on this evidence

This work includes both research and evidence. 

Building evidence base by evaluating the impact of partnerships designed through LaMP and undertaking original research into unanswered policy questions. This research can be found in LaMP’s research reports, policy notes, and blogs.

Public outreach aimed at changing perceptions through events and media conveying positive narratives of labor mobility based on the research, and targeted outreach to specific actors to show that labor mobility has the potential to answer their needs.