In any cross-border labor mobility program, workers in one country must be matched with jobs in another. LaMP recognizes the vital role that recruitment agencies play as match-maker, helping employers find suitable workers, providing workers with access to job opportunities, and facilitating visa logistics and cross-border transportation.

Because of this role, recruitment agencies are powerful gatekeepers of information and opportunity. When this power is abused, both workers and employers suffer. Labor mobility programs in corridors with low-quality recruitment industries are plagued by misinformation, migrant indebtedness, and abuse.

However, high-quality (or responsible) recruitment industries can help labor mobility programs flourish. Because labor mobility programs sustained by responsible recruitment industries work better, responsible recruitment can help build support for more labor mobility – thus expanding economic opportunities for the global poor.

Responsible recruitment is core to LaMP’s goal to catalyze more and better labor mobility pathways. We tailor our approach to the realities of each corridor and sector where we work. In some cases, we support responsible recruitment by seeding a new industry of good actors. In other cases, we work to bolster the delivery capacity and market share of existing responsible recruiters, or support public sector recruitment performance. In all cases, we seek solutions that acknowledge the interests of employers and constraints of recruiters, so that responsible recruitment for workers is sustained over the long-run. 

See our sector & corridor projects for more information on how we are supporting the emergence and stabilization of responsible recruitment industries.