LaMP conducted a scoping and assessment project to develop a pipeline of proof-of-concept projects in the Ibero-American region that can demonstrate quality labor mobility with the potential to mature into long-term, large-scale pathways. Through our research, we have identified a diverse range of initiatives related to labor mobility in the region, while also identifying gaps and unmet needs in establishing effective pathways. Building on this landscape, we produced a set of four high-potential projects and an additional five emerging opportunities that expand upon existing promising efforts in the region or pilot new labor mobility pathways.

High-potential projects span North, Central, and South America as well as Spain, and respond directly to the needs of essential industries with major labor shortages, including aged care, hospitality, supply chain and logistics, and agriculture. Emerging opportunities lay the groundwork for amplifying existing efforts to improve labor market integration of migrant workers and refugees already in destination countries, as well as to fortify industry use of regular labor mobility channels, guaranteeing labor market integration even before leaving the home country.

These projects and opportunities could have transformative impacts for some of the region’s most vulnerable people. We have focused especially on projects which represent positive innovations in labor migration management and advance the field towards more humane, effective, and efficient systems. As a result, we believe the projects emerging from this work can demonstrate tremendous positive impact of better models of labor migration and catalyze new ideas and responses to migration flows, both within the region and around the world.

LaMP team is working to design and implement potential pilots for the high-potential projects identified and actively seeks to collaborate with local stakeholders so that the project’s design reflects their needs. 

LaMP’s work on labor mobility opportunities in IberoAmerica has received support from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation.  

Please find here an Executive Summary of our work in English and Spanish.


Starting in 2024, LaMP has begun to publish briefs on individual high-potential programs identified within this project.


Brief 1: Unlocking Cruise Jobs for Central American Workers 


Stayed tuned for updates on progress of the design and implementation of these programs in our newsletter and website.


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