Lillian Kidane is currently a Partner at Dalberg, where she advises on sustainable commercial strategies for emerging markets and operational efficiency. She has experience in global health, trade and industrialization policy, job creation policy, inclusive business models, access to finance, and digital transformation across the Africa region.

Lillian’s recent work includes supporting Ethiopia’s Ministry of Trade and Industry to revamp their industrialization policy to ensure swift, steady, and inclusive growth for the country. She also helped the Ministry of Innovation and Technology to develop the country’s first digital transformation roadmap in support of its aggressive target to reach low middle-income status by 2025.

Previously, Lillian held leadership positions in General Electric (GE) at regional and country level in Africa, having opened and operated GE’s first direct commercial office in Ethiopia. She oversaw GE investment across Africa including technology training, skills development and skilling innovations for local workforce, and integration of skills into GE’s global healthcare supply chain. 

Lillian completed her post-graduate studies in international healthcare management at Yale University’s School of Medicine, holds an MPH in Health Economics and Informatics from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and an undergrad degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Lillian is an Eritrean migrant to the US, with a personal passion for mobility and related issues. She has served on boards including Ethiopian organizations working on mental health and youth employment.