LaMP Research Director, Lant Pritchett, traveled to Madrid in October to collaborate with the Spanish government on a potential training and labor mobility pilot project involving joint efforts, with Colombia. During this visit Lant had an interview with the newspaper “El País” after taking part in a session of the Rome Dialogues on Employment and Migration organized by the World Bank. 

Lant highlighted the importance of demographic changes as an opportunity for countries to embrace safe and regular labor mobility. He emphasized that the way to change migration narratives in societies and encourage governments to develop more policies in favor labor mobility is the recognition that having the right to work in a territory does not automatically grant citizenship. He stressed the need, for acknowledging labor mobility as a rotational and win-win process. 

Moreover, Lantt emphasized the need to distinguish between migration pathways based on whether they lead to citizenship, they are intended for labor purposes, or they are designed to accommodate individuals out of necessity. 

Read more details of this interview here (in Spanish).