LaMP’s overarching goal is to make it easier for our partners to build labor mobility systems at the needed scale. Each of our activities is aimed at addressing challenges frequently experienced by various actors in attempting to design and implement labor mobility partnerships. By doing so, LaMP aims at reducing the barriers to collective action in building labor mobility systems.

Examples of such challenges include:

  • Inability to find or access partners to work with
  • Lack of knowledge or capacity to design a technically sound partnership
  • Public attitudes and negative narratives around labor mobility 

In order to address these common challenges, LaMP provides three key functions:

Identifying opportunities for partnerships and building a community of practice of policymakers and practitioners, employers and private sector representatives, mobility industry, and migration researchers and advocates. Read more.

Creating and curating a repository of existing knowledge and resources on technical questions of design and implementation, and assisting in applying and adapting current good practice to their context. Read more.

Building the evidence base on the benefits of labor mobility for workers, employers, and countries, and working with partners to build positive narratives to shift public opinion on labor mobility. Read more.