Richard spends half his time as a Senior Advisor for the Global Fund, working on private sector engagement and the use of activity-based contracting. How can you use contracting, payment models and performance management to connect funding more closely to delivery, and to increase the reach and impact of services? His current projects include: the use of community organizations to connect HIV services with vulnerable groups; engaging with informal medicine vendors to extend malaria testing and treatment to rural areas; changing the way in-service training is funded to reduce fraud, and; using outcomes-based contracting to change HR practice and increase staff motivation and retention.

He also works as a Senior Consultant for the World Bank, currently supporting the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan with the management of contracted health services in which service provider payments are tied to the delivery of key health interventions. Other projects, across a number of countries, have included: developing self-financing labour migration systems; linking refugees with jobs, and; designing and mobilizing outcomes-based job intermediation for long-term unemployed people.

The rest of the time he oversees the delivery of social impact programs. He is Chair of a youth employment Development Impact Bond in Palestine. He also is Chair of four Social Impact Bonds in the UK, including homelessness prevention and social prescribing. Previous Social Impact Bonds which he has overseen put troubled teenagers on work experience in local day nurseries in order to improve their school attendance and attainment, and deployed Intensive Mentors to reach young homeless people with very chaotic lives.

Previously, Richard set up and ran a series of high-performing and high-quality service providers, delivering employment programs (job intermediation for vulnerable groups) under contract to governments, mainly with outcome-based payments. His last position was Managing Director of Serco Welfare to Work, where he secured and delivered a UK government contract worth £750 million. Previously Richard had established one of the first Employment Zones – the first large scale outcome-based contracts. He was Specialist Adviser to the UK government’s Work and Pensions Select Committee during their enquiry into the Work Programme.

Richard had an early career in international education. He studied Philosophy and Psychology at Oxford, and Applied Linguistics at Exeter.