Senior Associate, Latin America and Caribbean (LAC)

LaMP seeks an adaptive, motivated, creative Senior Associate to take on significant ownership in expanding and delivering on our emerging portfolio of work in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The Senior Associate will help LaMP solidify and expand our presence and activities in LAC by: building networks and coalitions that deepen our expertise regarding labor mobility and labor market complexities in the region and can generate opportunities for innovative labor mobility proof-of-concept projects; contributing to proof-of-concept project design and execution, and supporting LaMP’s messaging and knowledge product creation in the region.

Latin America Consultant

LaMP is seeking a consultant to support a scoping project focused on identifying and assessing opportunities for high-impact, feasible “demonstration projects” of effective and quality labor mobility systems at scale within the Ibero-American community. A demonstration project is one that improves the quality of existing labor programs and/or increases the scale of opportunities available for migrant workers. LaMP is already working on growing sustainable labor mobility channels and responsible recruitment of workers from Mexico and Central America into the US and Canada but is committed to catalyzing broader regional solutions in Latin America, which could include labor mobility schemes within the region (e.g., Central America to Mexico), and from the region into Spain and Portugal. LaMP will leverage its role as co-lead of the labor mobility working group of the IV Ibero-American Forum on Migration and Development to develop new partnerships, coalitions, test ideas and build support from governments and multi-lateral decision makers.