Market Solutions Lead

LaMP is recruiting a Market Solutions Lead to dramatically accelerate and expand our in-roads and partnership with the private sector. We are looking for an entrepreneurial, private-sector-fluent professional with a proven track record of forging collaboration to leverage commercial interests for good to complement our team of migration and labor mobility specialists. This role will be responsible for (1) developing and launching proof-of-concept initiatives ranging from results-based financing models to market transformation approaches to solutions to market failures, and other innovative approaches to scaling market-viable, quality labor mobility systems for poverty reduction aims; and (2) advancing thought leadership around the role of the private sector in global labor mobility and opportunities to improve the current system to better meet private sector needs.

Short-Term Consultant

LaMP will develop and disseminate RFPs in 2022 covering research, analysis, partnership development, and concept note development in the US and several global locations and migration corridors. Submitting your CV to this posting now will ensure you receive notification of these opportunities as they arise in the future.