Canada needs to improve its immigration channels for essential migrant workers

Originally published on Policy Options August 19, 2021 here.

Special note: This post was originally written for a Canadian audience, therefore the language within this article reflects the labor mobility challenges faced by their country.

AUTHORS: Ratna Omidvar and Zuzana Cepla

Labour shortages and aging demographics mean we’re relying on migrants to fill critical jobs. We need a streamlined program to meet these demands.

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There’s No Such Thing as a “Low”-Skill Worker


This post was published also at the Center for Global Development (CGD) website here.

High-income countries depend on immigration to help foster strong societies and economies. Yet when deciding who is allowed to enter, most use a simple dichotomy based on educational attainment: “high” and “low” skilled.

In this blog, based on a new policy brief by Labor Mobility Partnerships (LaMP) and discussions at a recent LaMP-CGD co-hosted event, we outline why this dichotomy is wrong, and how high-income countries can build mutually beneficial migration pathways at all skill levels.

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Introducing a New Approach to Labor Mobility


This post was first published at the Center for Global Development.

OECD countries face a growing elderly population and a shrinking working-age population, while low-income countries have working-age populations that are growing faster than jobs can absorb them. Labor mobility offers a solution, connecting potential migrants (who need jobs) to potential employers (who need workers). The Connecting International Labor Markets working group convened around the question of how to make this happen, resulting in a proposal for a new organization: Labor Mobility Partnerships (LaMP).

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Migrant Health Workers Are on the COVID-19 Frontline. We Need More of Them.


This post was first published at the Center for Global Development

Worldwide, the health worker profession relies on migrants. But policy often restricts their movement. The COVID-19 outbreak has shown that, under crisis, many of these barriers are more malleable than policymakers make them out to be.

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The Future is Older


OECD countries are rapidly aging – their working age populations are shrinking, while their elderly populations are growing. This has significant fiscal and economic implications for these societies, yet thus far there has been no serious policy response. In this blog, Lant Pritchett explores these historically unprecedented and largely ignored trends.

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Welcome to the LaMP blog!

Welcome to the Labor Mobility Partnerships (LaMP) blog! LaMP is a new organization currently incubating at the Center for Global Development. LaMP aims to be the first organization which actively works to increase rights-respecting labor mobility, creating opportunities for needed workers to fill jobs abroad while unlocking billions in income gains.

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