Workers on the Move: Labor Mobility as a Jobs Solution for Sending Countries

Thursday September 10 | 9.00 – 10.00 ET | Online

While high-income countries face rapidly shrinking working-age populations, these same populations in low-income countries are sharply increasing. Bridging these markets through labor mobility offers transformative benefits for low-income countries. However, there are a number of factors limiting sending countries’ ability to unlock the potential of labor mobility for their people. In this event, we heard from sending country officials on the impacts of labor mobility, challenges they have experienced, and how these challenges can be overcome.

Workers on the Move: How Can Labor Mobility Help Employers Address Job Gaps?

Thursday July 30 | 9.00 – 10.00 ET | Online

Our distinguished panel of speakers discussed the negative effect of labor shortages on communities and economies in high-income countries, and how to pursue labor mobility systems which unlock benefits for employers and workers alike.

Workers on the Move: Addressing Global Workforce Challenges Through Labor Mobility Partnerships

Friday June 26 | 11.30 – 12.30 ET | Online

In this event, a distinguished panel of speakers discusses predicted demographic changes in high-income countries and constraints to coordinated action on labor mobility, and how external support could help address these constraints. In response to existing gaps in this support, they discuss the design of a new organization, Labor Mobility Partnerships (LaMP) which will work with governments, the private sector and employers, ‘mobility industry,’ financiers, and civil society to increase rights-respecting labor mobility, ensuring workers can access employment opportunities abroad.

Migrant Health Workers are on the COVID-19 Frontline: We Need More of Them

Tuesday April 28 | 8.30 – 9.30 ET | Online

In this talk, Helen Dempster and Rebekah Smith discuss ways in which we can address global health worker shortages during pandemics, and, in the long-term, build up the global stock of health workers to address increasingly worrying demographic impacts. This talk is based on the recently published blog post, “Migrant Health Workers Are on the COVID-19 Frontline. We Need More of Them.”