Labor mobility is a highly fragmented field. Actors interested in unlocking labor mobility report difficulties with identifying partners (such as governments, employers and sectors, services providers and mobility industry) to work with, or even if they know of potential partners, they experience difficulty accessing them. Beyond this, there are far too few actors of all types working on labor mobility to expand it to the needed scale.  

Through brokering, LaMP aims to:

  • Expand the number and build the capacity of actors engaged in facilitating labor mobility, resulting in a ‘good industry and an industry for good’
  • Identify opportunities for partnerships between governments, employers, and the mobility industry and bring these partners together
  • Build a community of practice of policymakers and practitioners, employers and private sector representatives, mobility industry, and migration researchers and advocates to foster opportunities for partnerships and ensure they have access to the most relevant, up-to-date research

Brokering includes:

Helping actors understand how labor mobility can answer their needs, and bringing them into the labor mobility field

Based on their needs, working with actors to prospect potential partners and developing a strategy for approaching them 

Mediating discussions and providing support during the deal making process

Developing a base of donors and financers interested in labor mobility, to be matched with successful partnerships