Canada needs to improve its immigration channels for essential migrant workers

Originally published on Policy Options August 19, 2021 here.

Special note: This post was originally written for a Canadian audience, therefore the language within this article reflects the labor mobility challenges faced by their country.

AUTHORS: Ratna Omidvar and Zuzana Cepla

Labour shortages and aging demographics mean we’re relying on migrants to fill critical jobs. We need a streamlined program to meet these demands.

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There’s No Such Thing as a “Low”-Skill Worker


This post was published also at the Center for Global Development (CGD) website here.

High-income countries depend on immigration to help foster strong societies and economies. Yet when deciding who is allowed to enter, most use a simple dichotomy based on educational attainment: “high” and “low” skilled.

In this blog, based on a new policy brief by Labor Mobility Partnerships (LaMP) and discussions at a recent LaMP-CGD co-hosted event, we outline why this dichotomy is wrong, and how high-income countries can build mutually beneficial migration pathways at all skill levels.

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