Our Vision | Our Unique Role | Our Values

Our Vision

Labor Mobility Partnerships (LaMP) develops scalable, long-term solutions for migrant workers from low-income countries to access quality jobs across borders through safe, responsible, and rights-respecting pathways. 

Our vision is a world in which the global poor have exponentially greater opportunities for economic advancement. Toward this vision, our mission is to catalyze a functional ecosystem of actors implementing safe, reliable and cost-effective labor mobility pathways, creating value for workers, employers, and economies along the way. 

Our goal is to dramatically increase the scale and quality of labor mobility programs globally, and thus provide access to job opportunities for half a billion additional workers from low-income countries by 2050.   

Our Unique Role

LaMP is the only organization dedicated solely to expanding rights-respecting labor mobility for low-skilled workers as a global public good. We seek to expand migrant workers’ access to job opportunities abroad (scale), and to improve their experience at all stages of labor mobility pathways (quality). To this end, we work to address market failures and regulatory barriers that impede safe and effective labor mobility. We propose and deliver innovative and market-compatible solutions that create sustainable labor mobility systems worldwide. 

LaMP is  distinctive in its “practice first” approach: rather than focus on designing perfect policies and assuming they will translate into practice, LaMP emphasizes solving problems on the ground to demonstrate good practices that pave the way for better policy. In designing new models to work in practice from the outset, we take a multi-stakeholder approach, developing pragmatic solutions that address the interests of all actors. This approach results in locally relevant models that can be adapted and scaled globally, with an emphasis on financially sustainable solutions. 

Our Values

At LaMP, we are: 

  • Audaciously Optimistic – We imagine a different future and strive for transformative change.  
  • Passionate about improving workers’ lives – We work relentlessly to expand opportunities for workers globally, believing that all workers should have an equal chance to shape their economic future.  
  • Pragmatic Doers – We strive for viable solutions to challenging problems  
  • Compassionate Collaborators – We approach the needs of all our partners and team members with understanding and respect.  
  • Iterative Learners – We adapt continuously to new evidence and lessons learned from successes, failures, and stakeholder experiences.