Company Description

OECD countries are rapidly aging, facing a gap of 383 million workers by 2050 to maintain their current economic structure. Meanwhile, workers in developing countries need jobs, and those who manage to secure work in OECD countries can expect to increase their income by 6 to 15 times. 

Labor Mobility Partnerships(LaMP)’s goal is to create the systems change required to dramatically increase temporary labor mobility globally, unlocking trillions in income gains: for the worker who gains employment and dramatically improves their income, for the receiving country which receives needed workers, and for the sending country which receives remittances and needed employment opportunities. It achieves this by brokering relationships between potential partners, providing technical support to ensure more and better programs, and undertaking research and advocacy around labor mobility. LaMP is a dynamic start-up that, over the next year, will focus on identifying partners from governments, businesses, and mobility support industry; designing and piloting programs; and identifying revenue and growth opportunities.

The team is small and works closely together, with each team member taking ownership over large areas of responsibility. As such, a key characteristic of the successful candidate will be the ability to proactively self-manage his/her spheres, while working fluidly with the rest of the team. In short, we are looking to bring on a new team member committed to achieving LaMP’s mission, with the capacity and creativity to innovate, perceptiveness to meaningfully engage with users to get to the roots of problems, and motivation and efficiency to tackle large challenges. If this sounds like you, come join us as we help more people unlock their potential through migration!

Job Description

LaMP will develop and disseminate RFPs in 2021 covering research, analysis, partnership development, and concept note development in the US and several global locations and migration corridors. Submitting your CV to this posting now will ensure you receive notification of these opportunities as they arise in the future.